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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business intelligence can be considered as an umbrella that covers overall processes and methods of collecting, storing, and analyzing data from business operations or activities to optimize performance. 

Overall these processes and methods help in creating a comprehensive view of a business to help people make better and actionable decisions and strategies.
Cloud Sewa is introducing its new IT service as a Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in Nepal. We have a team of data expertise to transform any business data into meaningful insight.

Benefits of using our BI and Analytics services

1.Turn Data into Actionable Insight

Our BI solutions analyze the large volume of data that helps to identify significant trends  and set new or modify business strategies. Moreover, BI identifies  new business opportunities and enables you to plan a successful future.

2.Increase Customer satisfaction

Our services help you to understand your customer behaviors and patterns. So that you can provide more services to them and increase their satisfaction. Increase in customer satisfaction means to increase in brand value and sales.

3.Improved Accurate Decision making process

Every business decision should be made on a fast track with high accuracy. Failure in this leads to loss of customer and revenue. So, proper analysis on the dashboard created by us helps the stakeholder to make the right business decision at the right time.

4.Identify Business KPIsL:

Dashboard and Reports created in the Business Intelligence tool identifies your Company’s KPI(Key Performance Indicator).It helps managers and stakeholders to make new business strategies based on the KPI analysis.


Tools and Technologies we used

Power BI

Scikit Learn

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